Customer self-service made simple

Airim answers most of your customers' questions in just one step

Show the right answer based on context

Airim shows dynamic content based on your visitors' current page, landing page, intent or past behavior

Let them search effortlessly, chat with an agent or fill details about their themselves

Self-learning algorithms will keep making their experience better than before

Actionable user behavior analytics

Unlock new insights about what your users want and what's stopping them

Use a simple Analytics Dashboard to get real time actionable insights in an interface that is easy to understand and effortless to configure

Reduce bounce rate, increase engagement

Use triggers to engage more visitors based on their behavior. When visitors try to leave your page, ask them why.

When they have been idle for long, ask them if they have any questions.

One-click integration with any knowledge base, FAQs page or CRM

Airim works hand-in-hand with any knowledge base software using APIs and Zapier

Airim's dashboard also suggests content to add to your knowledge base by learning from past customer interactions

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Customer-centric companies love Airim

Reginald Williams
Dallas Independent School District
Airim has a modern and clean look. It fits aesthetically with our website. Candidates are able to search for information quickly. It also allows us to keep track of prospective candidates effectively.

It is a great tool for educational institutes that want to provide quick information to their online visitors.
Ravi Goel
Product Manager
Airim has helped us understand our leads better. It gives us insights into the questions leads have, and content that they are looking for, which in turn helps us re-define our communication strategy from time-to-time.

Leads who have interacted with ZAP through Airim have also shown better results in the funnel, both in terms of percentage of leads moving ahead and in terms of funnel velocity.

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