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Airim widget is the quickest way for visitors to find the right content in your website or app

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Aniket Thakkar
VP, Marketing
Airim is an integral part of our content marketing strategy. We are getting a lot more insight on what our customers are looking for, how they interact with our content, and is also serving as a dependable source of generating new leads. All of that at start-up friendly pricing :)
Rahul Kharnokhya
Head -
Digital Marketing
Capital Float
Using Airim, we have seen 40% of our active site visits turning into sales leads. Airim was an integral part of Great Indian Finance Festival Campaign during July - Sep 17, where it helped users understand about the campaign and offering.
Sahith Krishna
Head -
Product Marketing
Airim fueled our inbound engine by providing website visitors contextual FAQs and helped them convert. The quality, value and volume of the leads is just amazing.
I like the plug-n-play concept of Airim as we don't have to man the bot! Airim is a simple, powerful & definitely a great tool for inbound driven B2B SaaS companies.

Answer frequent questions with ease

Suggest visitors top five questions they are most likely to ask, based on webpage, intent and past behavior.

Clicking an FAQ gives the answer instantly alongwith a Call-To-Action button that tells them what to do next.

Visitors are upto 12X more likely to buy from you after an Airim experience

Be pro-active without being intrusive

Show targeted messages based on user behavior. When visitors try to leave your page, ask them why.

When they have been idle for long, ask them if they have any questions.

This improves inbound lead conversion, reduces bounce rates and speeds up sales cycles

Learn what your customers want

Track all unanswered questions in one dashboard and add them to your FAQ list in one click.

Know which FAQs attract buyers' attention and which of them make them take the next step.

CMOs use this to know how buyers evaluate products before making a purchase decision

From signup to deployment in one minute

Start by importing FAQs from a webpage (or knowledge base) in one click and let Airim manage them.

Integrate seamlessly with your favorite internal tools.

98% of Airim's paying customers have integrated it with atleast one internal tool using Zapier APIs

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Superior Conversion Rate

29% of active users of Airim end up either giving their contact info or reaching the signup / buy page

1 million+ interactions /day

Airim is used by 1,000+ people per minute across several websites to take purchase decisions faster

Zero human effort needed

Once configured, Airim can interact seamlessly with all your visitors with or without any human agent

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