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Aniket Thakkar
VP, Marketing
Airim is an integral part of our content marketing strategy. We are getting a lot more insight on what our customers are looking for, how they interact with our content, and is also serving as a dependable source of generating new leads. All of that at start-up friendly pricing :)
Rahul Kharnokhya
Head -
Digital Marketing
Capital Float
Using Airim, we have seen 40% of our active site visits turning into sales leads. Airim was an integral part of Great Indian Finance Festival Campaign during July - Sep 17, where it helped users understand about the campaign and offering.
Sahith Krishna
Head -
Product Marketing
Airim fueled our inbound engine by providing website visitors contextual FAQs and helped them convert. The quality, value and volume of the leads is just amazing.
I like the plug-n-play concept of Airim as we don't have to man the bot! Airim is a simple, powerful & definitely a great tool for inbound driven B2B SaaS companies.
Kushal Kothari
We use Airim as an FAQ widget. But at the same time, it gives us a good insight into what our customers are searching for and what do we need to highlight in our communication and design.
It's something we didn't have a visibility about earlier.