Smart FAQs

Users see top five questions based on context. Thus, every page of your website will show a different set of FAQs

Elastic search + Airim magic

When user doesn't find an FAQ in top five, they scroll down or search for an FAQ in a textbox

Several options to contact

User may fill up a quick contact form or start a chat with a live customer agent.

Embed forms & surveys (beta)

Collect custom data from users over quick forms

Leave intent triggers

When user tries to leave your webpage, just ask them why.
Just use this feature and see your conversions soar and bounce rate nosedive.

Strong Call To Action

Add a strong button at the end of each answer to take user to next step seamlessly


Show a quick description of a difficult word when users point their mouse on it.

Customizable colors

Change theme colors to suit your branding guidelines

One-click import FAQs

Import all your FAQs from a webpage or from your knowledge base. In seconds.

Optimize for better ranking

Add call-to-action (CTA), custom tags, Adword tags, ranking order and organize them in categories - all within one form.

Preview before going live

Test your Airim widget in a page that resembles your homepage, before taking it live on your main website.

Send Targeted Messages effortlessly

Send notifications to users if they have spent some time on webpage or intend to leave the page. Configure all in one simple form.

Agent chat module

Airim comes with a separate "Agent view" to allow monitoring user conversations real time

Forms & Surveys

Collect custom data within Airim. Know when a user has filled a form, even if it is partially filled.

Monitor FAQ and CTA clicks

Get exact numbers of how many users clicked an FAQ and how many clicked the CTA after that.
All in one place, real time.

Measure Targeting Effectiveness

Airim tells you how many people saw your triggered campaign and how many got engaged by them.
All in one place, real time.

Dedicated analytics suite

Know what is trending among your customers and get funnel analysis right within your dashboard.
All in one place, real time.

API access

Utilize the full potential of Airim by integrating it with APIs of your favorite tool

One script for all platforms

You will need only one script for all devices. Just copy-paste and start seeing the action!

Interact with visitors the way you want

Chat with users live or collect their contact info. Change your greeting messages. All are possible.