Getting Started

Why do my website visitors need self service?

Your website visitors might not have the time or attention span to go through your website sequentially. Such visitors need one place where they can state what they are looking for and get a reply immediately.

Another type of visitors are those who are hesitant to contact the sales rep or sign up immediately. They need more information before making a purchase decision.

How exactly does self-service help me get more leads?

In three ways:

  • Airim asks users their exact requirements, and suggests them the most likely product they should buy. This is followed by a strong call to action.
  • Airim clarifies doubts in users’ minds before they make a purchase decision. This convinces them to buy from your site
  • A prominently highlighted “Contact Us” button assures them that you are available for any help if needed

What benefits do marketers get?

Marketers can:

  • Easily measure which keywords are more effective in driving purchases
  • Know what a lead is exactly looking for when she comes to the website
  • Show targeted content to users coming from Adwords or specific landing pages
  • Get complete access to user journey, attributes and behavior data
  • Know which products are in higher demand

We have even seen a marketer discover demand for an entirely new product by analyzing customer communication data.

What benefits do pre-sales and inside sales teams get?

Pre-sales gets more leads to contact. 

Inside sales teams get the entire user journey and interaction history in their inbox / CRM, so they have more context when contacting the lead.

Which industries is Airim suitable for?

If your customers have a lot of questions to ask before making a purchase decision, Airim is definitely for you. So far, we have seen the best conversion rates in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), education industries, niche e-commerce, real estate and banking & finance.

What do I need to get started?

If you have your FAQs listed in one place, you can upload them all in one click. Once done, copy-paste a small code in your website HTML. That’s it.

What’s the fastest anyone has taken to deploy Airim on their website?

Current world record is 48 seconds. Wanna beat it?


Is there a free plan?

We have a forever free plan upto 100 active users per month.
Active users = Website visitors using the airim platform

Is your pricing based on number of agents?

No. You can have unlimited agents operating from the backend if you want.

Is your billing annual or monthly?

We offer both. But annual billing is less expensive and more convenient.


Does it work on mobile as well?

Yeah, in fact we have seen higher engagement among mobile phone users.

Can I import my FAQs from my knowledge base?

Absolutely. Just give us a link to your knowledge base and a script will automatically extract all FAQs from it.

What happens when the bot isn’t able to answer a question?

Such cases are really rare (we have even seen 0% for a website with 5,000 visits a day over four weeks). But if that does happen, you can either connect the user to a live chat with a sales agent or show an error message like “Let us get back to you on this. What’s your email address?”

Do you have live chat integrated?

Yes, your agents will get a notification as soon as an online visitor wants to chat.

Do all FAQs need to have a CTA?

Nope. CTA is recommended but not mandatory.

Can I integrate Google Adword campaigns into this?

Yes, users who arrive via Adword campaigns can be shown a different list of questions, highly targeted to their requirements. To configure this, just edit an FAQ and enter the campaign name you want to associate it with.

Can I show triggered notifications to online users?

Yes. Your users can see a message on the bottom right of the screen based on parameters you define. You can set these triggers by page, time, section of the page and exit intent.

Do you show a trigger when user is leaving the page?

Yes, you can set a trigger for that. If you want to see it in action, try leaving this page.

Can I configure leave intent and trigger messages?

Yes. All content in leave intent is customizable.

Does Airim show content in multiple languages?

We are working on that. If you want early access to the feature, just enter your email address below and we’ll notify you once it is live.

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